Science and the Fourth Dimension

Science and the Fourth Dimension

Man resides within a wonderful and plentiful world, yet his economic skills are of such low quality that he finds himself less successful in basic management than a mere white ant. He whines that jungle law rules his international as well as his social life. Crime is no longer the criminal’s prerogative; it is now but the orb and scepter of mankind’s leaders.

Now ask yourself, why do buddhists meditate? All of mankind must learn the benefits of meditation. Yoga and meditation, perhaps a bit of self hypnosis should be your priorities.

Although they are all the time crying for peace and longing for joy, men are continually forced to spend the better portion of their lives either manufacturing and even using instruments of wholesale slaughter for use upon our fellow men. In desperation, they attempt to place blame upon science and technology for their troubles.

Think about this for a moment. Have they any justification for such an accusation? Is it possible for us to ascertain the true implications of the mysterious Fourth Dimension, and all the inventions and subsequent discoveries connected to it?

Think of all of the improvements in health and safety that science has contributed. Mankind’s overall health and wellness has improved tremendously, with fewer diseases ravaging entire countries.

Many discoveries have been active inside other realms, separate from and outside of the third dimension, or so called “reality”—physical existence. These discoveries deal with matter that is not solid nor liquid nor gaseous—matter that you cannot see, cannot measure, and cannot even perceive.

Perhaps the only way to comprehend these aspects of our world is to bring our physical state to where the body experiences the relaxation response, and we are focused and mindful of everything around us.

Think, for example, of any electrical appliance. The telephone, electric lighting, the radio, television and any other inventions you can come up with all make use of radiation; of light. They use radiation from all over the spectrum, such as X-rays, and ultraviolet rays.

Man has harnessed the power of electricity and even that of sound waves for radio and wireless technology, and it has opened up an unexplored frontier to men of pure thought. Through use of the scientific method, man has come to realize that every single machine in existence is kept in action and fueled by requisite energy units; by electricity (or by those forces which are still classified under this one heading).

Every message and impulse from body to brain and vice versa travels through a field of electricity. The same phenomenon then produces the resulting action. In a related manner, electricity plays the lead part in the existence of something as small as an atom, as well as something as large as a planet.

Let us now see if we are able to understand the essential difference between the electromagnetic field and all of the invisible occurrences which we name ‘gases,’ which we admit are physical, as we can transform them into liquid and solid forms. One of the dominant attributes of electricity is that it seems to be unaffected by the third dimensional law of gravity, which holds our entire reality in bondage.