Childrens' Physical Fitness Programs

Childrens' Physical Fitness Programs
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A personal trainer can be defined as a person who provides physical fitness training. Some of the services provided by a personal trainer include educating people regarding importance of physical fitness, designing physical fitness depending on the needs and body composition of the customers, teaching physical exercises and supervising exercise . More... <!-- google_ad_client = "pub-0515480859166828"; //300x250, created 11/16/07 google_ad_slot = "5506041579"; google_ad_width = 300; google_ad_height = 250; //-->
Childrens'' Physical Fitness Programs

Obesity in children is a prime cause of concern in today’s world. Children become obese and overweight primarily due to lack of physical activity and uncontrolled intake of food. Physical fitness is an important aspect of child development as it helps in developing conditional and coordinative abilities.More...

Fitness And Weight Loss

Body weight is a measure of a person’s total muscle, bone and fat content. Body weight should always be in proportion with the height of a person so as to be considered healthy. Overweight can be simply defined as excessive body weight above the normal healthy limit. Being overweight can lead to obesity, which means having too much fat in the body.More...

How To Set Up Employee Fitness Program

Fitness at the workplace is an innovative concept that is slowing gaining importance. Billions of dollars are lost by American companies annually because of employee absenteeism due to health related complications. Apart from being absent from work, physically unfit employees are more stressed-out resulting in decreased productivity.


Prenatal Fitness Program

One common misconception that people have at the time of pregnancy is that pregnant mothers should not exercise or perform any type of physical activity. A bit of physical activity and gentle exercising is very essential for safeguarding the health of the mother and the child. However, physical exercise programs during pregnancy must be carefully designed and should always be done under the supervision of a health care provider.