How to Find Great Last Minute Travel Deals During a Down Economy

How to Find Great Last Minute Travel Deals During a Down Economy

Nothing is ever all bad. But during this recent economic crisis it’s hard to see anything remotely good. That is until you listen to this growing buzz about how crazy cheap it is to travel these days. And not just domestically but internationally. That’s right. There are all sorts of last minute travel deals to be had. If you know where and when to look, you can score some incredible vacations.

How would you like to spend seven days cruising the Caribbean on just thirty-five dollars a day? That’s right. There are seven day Caribbean cruises being sold for $250 dollars!

Trust me, over the last few months, I’ve not only cruised the Caribbean for thirty-five dollars a day, I’ve flown my girlfriend to New York City for the weekend, eaten in some of the best restaurants and stayed in some of the best hotels for a fraction of the cost.

Would you like to spend a few days in the Big Apple, take in the lights around Broadway and dine in a four star New York City restaurant, and not just any four star New York City restaurant but Tom Colicchio, of Top Chef fame’s restaurant “Craft”. Well, you could be well on your way to doing so–and cheaply. Turns out Chef Tom, in an effort to keep the customers pouring in, has created what he calls a “poverty menu”. That’s right. A menu for the budget conscious customer.

Just imagine after an evening meal at “Craft” slipping off to a luxurious four star hotel for just $100-$150 dollars a night. Amazing considering the average four star hotel in New York City can run nearly $500 dollars or more a night. I know this all may sound to good to be true. But trust me, it isn’t. All you need are a few simple tips to turn your last minute travel deal into a reality.

If you follow some of the rules I lay out, you’re sure to be on your way to discovering some great last minute travel deals.

These are some things to remember:

Shop around
Don’t settle for the first few last minute travel deals you spot. There are incredible amounts of airline and travel sites competing for your business. Let this work to your advantage. These companies desperately need people like you to fill the seats of their planes, cars and rooms.

Call the airlines directly
Airlines know that if they save the best last minute travel deals for themselves and you book directly through them, they get brand recognition. It’s worth the phone call.

In order to find great last minute travel deals, hop the following sites regularly
Bidding for
Travel Zoo
and Priceline

These sites are great resources. And remember the best flight deals are scheduled for weekdays, not weekends!

All of these sites have great deals that can be had with a little determination and timing. So, now you have no excuses. Make the most of this recession and find a way to get away. You deserve it!