H shape

H shape

Body Shape Characteristics:

People with H shape body have large frame, muscular body, fleshy arms, legs and thighs, and uneven body shape. Although there is an even distribution of fats throughout the body, the body has a higher fat content then muscle content. Hence, overall, the body looks flabby with no contour.

Dietary Habits:

People with H shape body tend to eat high-calorie food, have big appetite and the bad habit of binge eating. They have poor body metabolism, poor blood and lymph circulation and tend to engage in lesser physical activities.

Eating strategy:

Those with H shape body tend to have a big appetite; as such they get hungry easily. To prevent obesity, eat food low in calorie but which can fill up one’s stomach easily. For example food like salad, vegetables and fruits are low in calorie but high in fiber and can quench those hearty appetites. In addition, it is recommended to eat mainly red meat for animal protein. This is because red meat is high in fat content and can prologue the feeling of fullness.

Body slimming Focus:

The ideal method is: to increase the rate of calorie expenditure, to sculpt the overall body contour and to be more energetic. By doing this, you can achieve a full body slimming effect!

Recommended body slimming exercises:

The exercises highlighted below can help a H shape individual achieve a relatively fast weight loss while re-proportioning the body to ensure that the fats are replaced by lean muscle and the body gets slimmer.

Thigh and knee extension

1. Lie down with both legs straight.
2. Inhale, pull your leg with both hands surrounding the calf, the upper body is fully stretched.

3. Breathe for 5 times, and return to initial sate.

Legs stretching

1. Have a long piece of cloth with you.
2. Lying down with both legs straight. Lift the left leg straight by pulling the cloth, and hold this position for a moment. Make sure your leg is straight enough with no bend the knees.
3. After 20 seconds, have your upper body leaning forward, try to get your body close to the legs, and then slowly lay back. Rotate to right leg.

Back stretching

1. Knee on the ground with both hands supporting your body.
2. Inhale, then bring your back, chest and head forward.
3. Inhale again, and then move your back and head slowly back to initial state. Repeat 5 times.

extend rear legs and side ribs

1. Hands and feet on the ground; straighten your legs until you want to bend your knee, and then stretched your arms.
2. Make sure your hands are pressing the ground. Hold for a period of time.
3. Inhale, straighten your legs with quadriceps exercise, hold for a minute (bend your knees slightly if needed).